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Project Description

Roman Wilderness of Pain


Roman Wilderness Of Pain

Cast Aluminum, Life Size
Still Mountain Clinic, Boulder, Colorado

Contemporary Sculptures

The tragic figure is at once St. George and the Dragon, hero and anti-hero, the perpetrator and the victim. Is he pushing the sword in or pulling out? The figure is locked in a possibly inescapable yet somehow miraculously solvable problem. From 1981 to 1988 Ringsby from migraines that were ruining his life. He was successfully treated with acupuncture and the headaches never returned. Roman Wilderness Of Pain, 1990 was created by the artist in an effort to ascertain the origin of his affliction. The sculpture has been permanently installed in Acupuncturist Dr. Wm. Jia Gottlieb’s office in Boulder, Colorado, where Ringsby was cured. In addition to the artist’s original intent, and as of quite a few years now, the doctor has used this sculpture in his practice as a meditative object.

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